About JC

Jacinta Landon (known as JC to her students) 

Principal Choreographer and director of ELEVATE Dance Company (Urban Dance) and Elevate Vintage Dance in Salisbury U.K. 

JC is a qualified professional dancer trained in Commercial Dance, Musical Theatre, American Jazz, Ballet, Tap Dance, singing.  

ELEVATE provides Street Dance/Hip Hop classes, technical classes, workshops and entertainment to Salisbury and the South West of the U.K. Supporting people of all ages passionate about dance in a supportive and professional caring environment.

JC nurtures her young students / graduated students by providing huge opportunities, work and performance experience.



 · Welcome to the Plastic Beach, Stage Show (3 Shows)

 · 'A very Vintage Sunday' Wilton Village day event  (2016 & 2017)

 · Salisbury City Council - large scale flash mob 

 · The Haunted Mansion-Stage Show (3 Shows)                     

 · Regent Taylor – ELEVATE Dance Fashion Show (Co-producer) (2016 & 2017)

 · Stars of Salisbury - Vintage, Showgirl, Hip Hop, Commercial

(2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)   

· UDO Street Dance Competition 3rd and 2nd places (2016)

· BDO Street Dance Competition 4th and 2nd places (2016)

· Alex in Wonderland-Stage Show (2 Shows) 

· Fisherton Street Festival (2015, 2016) 

· London Schwarzkopf Hair Dressing Competitions 

· Vintage Nostalgia Festival (2015 & 2016) 

· The Royal Air Force Christmas Ball at High Wycombe 

· Sprie FM Christmas Ball 

· Sandbanks Hotel –Entertainer 

· A Good Day Girl May-Stage Show  

· Television Series –Bigfoot Studios (Philippines) Presenter