Jacinta Landon (known as JC to her students) 

Principal Choreographer and director of ELEVATE Dance Company (Urban Dance) and Elevate Vintage Dance in Salisbury U.K. 

JC is a qualified professional dancer trained in Commercial Dance, Musical Theatre, American Jazz, Ballet, Tap Dance, singing.  

ELEVATE provides Street Dance/Hip Hop classes, technical classes, workshops and entertainment to Salisbury and the South West of the U.K. Supporting people of all ages passionate about dance in a supportive and professional caring environment.

JC nurtures her young students / graduated students by providing huge opportunities, work and performance experience.



 · Welcome to the Plastic Beach, Stage Show (3 Shows)

 · 'A very Vintage Sunday' Wilton Village day event  (2016 & 2017)

 · Salisbury City Council - large scale flash mob 

 · The Haunted Mansion-Stage Show (3 Shows)                     

 · Regent Taylor – ELEVATE Dance Fashion Show (Co-producer) (2016 & 2017)

 · Stars of Salisbury - Vintage, Showgirl, Hip Hop, Commercial

(2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)   

· UDO Street Dance Competition 3rd and 2nd places (2016)

· BDO Street Dance Competition 4th and 2nd places (2016)

· Alex in Wonderland-Stage Show (2 Shows) 

· Fisherton Street Festival (2015, 2016) 

· London Schwarzkopf Hair Dressing Competitions 

· Vintage Nostalgia Festival (2015 & 2016) 

· The Royal Air Force Christmas Ball at High Wycombe 

· Sprie FM Christmas Ball 

· Sandbanks Hotel –Entertainer 

· A Good Day Girl May-Stage Show  

· Television Series –Bigfoot Studios (Philippines) Presenter 

Hatti Dawson 

Hatti is an experienced Street/Hip Hop Teacher, who has been with Elevate since the beginning in 2010. Hatti teaches at both Elevate (the dance school and for local schools) and the Arts Award Company Moving Together. She also runs her own Hip Hop Society at De Montfort University at which she is one of the main teachers. 

Hatti is also a performer; She has worked previously with ZooNation Dance Company, performing in their Into The Hoods: Remixed tour. She is also part of CODE Crew in Leicester, who recently performed in the UK Tour of Breakin’ Convention and placed 4th in the Midlands Best Dance Crew. She recently competed in Dance Camp UK as a part of CODE Crew, placing second in her street solo, cabaret solo and her street duos. 

Not only does Hatti perform in Hip Hop, she has a minimum of Grade 7 qualifications in styles such as Ballet, Tap and Modern. She also has qualifications in Jazz, Pointe Work and Contemporary. She also performs regularly in Vintage Dance. 

"Hatti is our super star at ELEVATE, a good friend, passionate dancer and extremely hard working and modest individual - she is part of ELEVATE'S history and will always be a very important part of ELEVATE - an excellent teacher, and incredible dancer. JC "

Bethany McNeill 

Bethany is an advanced dancer at ELEVATE Dance Company, team teaching Junior, Intermediate and Beginner Adults. 

 This year as she enters her second year studying an Extended Diploma in Dance at Andover College, where she has so far achieved a double distinction. Bethany trains full time at college, with ELEVATE and with Shake on a regular basis and attends London classes and workshops.

Bethany has come 2nd and 4th in BDO and UDO competitions with her Crew ‘Gravity’, and is hugely passionate about freestyle dance and choreography. 

 Bethany’s skills include, technical / Ballet and Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and is ever expanding her training in different styles. 

 “Beth is a natural talent, and a passionate dancer – I can’t wait for the kids to have her teach. She’s so relatable, friendly and cool to our lovely students – and an awesome inspiration! I can’t believe Bethany was ELEVATE’S first student! We absolutely love her! JC”